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Brant's corporate consulting, executive coaching, Executive Experience Series™ and his training seminars and workshops are designed to develop excellence in all areas of personal and professional pursuits. 


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Seminars and workshops

Brant specializes in one and two day training seminars and workshops that allow your organization or group to experience the most impactful transformational results. Programs include:

The 3-Minute Rule

This pitch, presentation, and communication program is the ultimate interactive training seminar for organizations looking to change their company message and presentations from the inside. It takes participants through the theory and process of the 3-Minute Rule and uses real life examples to build and rediscover your message from scratch.



The Culture of Excellence

Winning isn’t a sometimes thing, it’s a all the time thing. Excellence in an organization isn’t a sometimes thing, it’s an all the time thing. Creating a culture of excellence in an organizations requires and 360 approach to their work and lifestyle needs. This program expands Brant's Peak Performance keynote, featuring a detailed Matching Intensity™ workshop that is perfect for groups looking for high performance results from all their members in and outside the office. 



Present with Passion Not Promotion 

Personal development seminar that shows individuals the power of using passion in their process to make themselves more charismatic and approachable. Confidence and believability are crucial to the success of an organization with sales and presentation needs. This program features the most advanced personal communication training.



Startup and launch

successful startup business requires vision and execution of an idea and and total dedication to the unknown. This detailed program guides the process through the ideation stage to full presentation and raising capital. If you are a startup company looking for funding and expertise, please contact us. 

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Executive Experience Series™

Operated through the Reject Average Travel and Adventure Club, the Executive Experience Series™

is a non-profit corporate retreat program that brings high-level executives from different industries together for extraordinary adventures and mastermind sessions and workshops. 

The excursions take place once a month and range from 2-5 days and from 4-16 members. From Great White Shark Diving to classic car rallies, the series covers a spectrum of locations and activities and the experiences are themed, Adventure, Excursion, Experience, Adrenaline, and Relax

The program is offered by invitation only, please contact us for more information and application 

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3-E summer Adventure Camp

Brant is the founder of The 3-E (Early Entrepreneurial Education) Summer Adventure Camp. This non-profit organization provides no-cost weeklong summer programs designed to take small groups of High School students (grade 10/11) through an immersive program of activities, guest speakers and real world entrepreneurial training.


The training helps give the students practical knowledge about the entrepreneurial world they would never learn in traditional high school curriculum. For more information on getting involved, speaking or applying to have your child attend. Please contact us. 

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