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Brant's custom keynote programs revolve around the following themes:

Cracking the Attention Span

Using the core techniques, lessons and stories developed for The 3-Minute Rule, Brant demonstrates the power of storytelling and outlines the secrets to cracking the ever-changing landscape of the consumer attention span. Includes insights on communicating effectively with an ever-increasing hypersensitive and skeptical audience, the forming of the rationalization story, the three phases of decision making, and more…


Leadership and Communication

Leadership is ability to guide and motivate others to meet or exceed your expectations. The keys to successful leadership are communication and accountability.  Brant outlines how, in today’s difficult marketplace, a leader must inspire and guide with a clear agenda and relatable purpose.  


Peak Performance 

Brant has mastered the skill of Matching Intensity™ in life, work and relationships. His program on Work/Life Elevation has helped hundreds from pro athletes to biotech engineers discover techniques to bring their highest level of performance more consistently to their personal and professional lives.  


Prepare For Success

Brant designed this program for Executives and Managers based on his viral Forbes article 4 Steps to Prepare, Not Just Plan For Success. Planning for success is about strategy; preparing for success is about execution. As an individual or a group, success that is not defined, categorized, and celebrated is hard to achieve. 


The Sales process

Consumer and B2B sales and marketing has shifted dramatically in the age of digital access and social media. The program helps sales professionals understand the four main hurdles facing the modern sales process, Attention Span, Inherent Skepticism, The Price Game, and Accessible Knowledge. Brant inspires and empowers sales professionals to Say Less and Get More.

Entertainment and Beyond

With nearly two decades of Hollywood experiences, industry relationships and celebrity stories, Brant’s informative and entertaining program details the inside workings of the entertainment business and showcases how the lessons learned at the Hollywood power lunch translate across any industry.  

Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Brant has developed several programs designed for young entrepreneurs and future leaders. Subject to availability, Brant offers no-cost keynotes to high schools, and other youth based educational organizations. If you are an administrator, school or youth based program please contact us for more information. 

As a producer by trade, Brant is renowned for custom developed keynote programs designed for each specific audience. His skills as a TV host, actor, and performer create a unique and engaging dynamic that help deliver  informative and transformational material.

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