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Say less to get more from any pitch or presentation.

"Convey everything of value about your business, product, or service, clearly, concisely, and accurately in three minutes or less."


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Say Less and Get More.

“To succeed, you must be able to capture and hold your audience’s attention with only the quality and flow of your information, long enough to take them through that initial decision making process. They must conceptualize your idea, contextualize how it will benefit them, and then actualize it with potential engagement or further interest. You have about three minutes.”


How It Works:

The 3-Minute Rule is a simple, straightforward system that’s helped hundreds—from Fortune 100 CEOs to PTA presidents—use top-level Hollywood storytelling techniques to simplify their messages and say less to get more.

You can deliver a great pitch, for any idea, in any situation, so your audience not only remembers your message but can pass it on to their friends and colleagues. You’ll see how Brant’s methods work in a wide range of situations—from presenting investment opportunities in a biotech startup to pitching sponsorship deals for major sports stadiums, and more.

Now it’s your turn. The 3-Minute Rule will equip you with an easy, foolproof method to boil down any idea to its essential elements and structure it for maximum impact.

Simplify. Say less. Get More.


the 3-minute rule

“If everyone could learn to pitch their projects in three minutes like Brant Pinvidic, all work in Hollywood would be done by lunch. I encourage everyone who makes presentations for a living, or even has to make one occasionally, to read The 3-Minute Rule and embrace the power of cogent and meaningful presenting.”

Kevin Beggs, chairman

Lionsgate Television Group

"I often get asked – what’s the best way to pitch  an idea? Now I can simply say you MUST read

The 3-Minute Rule, and stick to it.” 

Jon Sinclair 

executive vice president,

programming and development,

OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network

“The 3-Minute Rule is a must-have for my entire team.  It’s been

a game changer for our communications, sales,

and marketing efforts.”

Joe Santos

director, regional executive,

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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