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bullet points and logline

Ok, so you've gone through the book and you've got yourself a bullet list and you're trying out your longline. This has been a ridiculously popular exercise; so much so that the form to enter your bullet points keep crashing. Also, to be honest, people don't follow instructions well and it was starting to create an unmanageable amount of time for the team to sort through.

So in the spirit of simplification, we are going back to the basics. 

Please Send Us An Email with you bullet points, longline, questions, suggestions, explanations and any other information you'd love to share. An email is easy to process and we can back to everyone and have all the information in one document.

If you want to play the bullet point game where you don't give any other information other than your bullet points and you want to see what Brant and the team come up, feel free. We like that too!

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