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let's talk Freebird!


Freebird™ is LIVE! The app is fully functional and has already done more than 100k rides and nearly $3 million reimbursed! Check it out HERE

Thanks for coming by!!! If you're here you're reading the 3-Minute Rule and you came to see a little more about Freebird. That's amazing and Freebird has simply exploded since I first helped the founder with his original presentation. 

They have gone though some big changes and are heading towards the big IPO, so some of what I wrote about can't be shared openly on the site anymore.

But the good news, once the announcements are out and official and it's all public,  I will be happy to share. I'll have their updated deck, their old original deck and video clips of the presentation being pitched to investors. It's really great stuff and it is a great illustration of how effective the 3-Minute Rule can be, Of course it helps that Freebird is a blockbuster ideas that is catching fire!

I urge you to check out the Freebird website HERE and you can see the fruits of our labor in REAL TIME!!!! and btw you should download the app, because as you know, Freebird will pay for your Uber or Lyft! 

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